Design and manufacture of industrial machinery.

Machinery and equipment for the LP Gas industry

Filling Gun

The filling gun is designed to improve productivity and reduce gas waste in cylinder filling.

Automatic paint system

Automatic system that provides a fast application and no waste. Reduce environmental pollution.

Shot blasters

Removes layers of paint and rust from LP gas cylinders. Extends the life of the cylinders and prepares them for painting.

Recycling press

This machine provides a safely destruction process for LP gas cylinders. High efficiency and low maintenance cost.

Valve changing machine

It is a machine designed to change valves safely. With capacity to process up to 50 cylinders per hour.

Platforms for automated filling

System to automate the transport of LP Gas Cylinders. Substantially increases productivity.

Machinery for LPG cylinders fabrication

Machines for the manufacture of LP Gas cylinders. Shears, presses for die-cutting and inlay, beading machine.

Machinery for refurbishing cylinders

Valve Changers, shot blasting machines, plasma cutting machines, beading machines, assembly presses.

Machinery for fabrication of domestic LPG tanks

Sheet metal shearing machine, electronic pantographs for sheet cutting, hydraulic presses for punching and embossing, dies, roller for cylinder body.

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Machinery for the LP Gas industry

In LP Gas we have more than 580 plants in America.