Design and manufacture of industrial machinery.

Platforms for automated filling

Increases productivity substantially


System to automate the transport of cylinders of LP Gas.

System for automating transport of cylinders


Based on filling cells where a person operates 4 scales with a capacity of 180 cylinders per hour per person.

It can handle different cylinder capacities simultaneously.

Automatic size singularizer.

You can weigh the cylinders independently according to their size or capacity.

Expandable and modular design


Increases the capacity and efficiency of the plant.

Minimum handling of cylinders.

Reduce personnel in all areas.

Optimizes the processes and operation of the platform.

Process Control


Explosion-proof equipment.

Continuous working gearmotors, minimum maintenance.

Start and soft stop of motors.

PLC automated control.

Tempered chains of high durability.

Galvanized elements.

Capacity for cylinders from 10 kg to 45 kg.

Configurable distribution according to the needs.