Shot blasting machine


Automatic shot blasting machine used to remove the various layers of paint, rust and corrosion from the LPG cylinders. Efficiently clean the LPG cylinder surface by blasting it with steel shots.

  • Improve the cylinder’s appearance.
  • Optimal preparation of the cylinder surface for the paint application.
  • Rust removal and corrosion protection.
  • Staff reduction.
  • Shot reuse.
  • LPG cylinders life time extension.
  • Filtered out. Dust particle filtering system for the reuse of shot.
  • Speed regulator. The speed at which the cylinders pass through the blasting cabin can be regulated according to the state in which they are.
  • Tungsten. Shot blasting booths made of high-strength metal alloys and covered with a tungsten plate.
  • Environmental certificate. Minimum dust emission certification according to NOM-010-STPS 1999.
  • Occupational noise certificate. Noise level emission certification in work environments according to NOM-011-STPS-2001.

We have several models to adapt to the needs of each client.

    • IOG-30
    • IOG-100
    • IOG-200
    • IOG-SB4
    • IOG-SB6
    • IOG-SB8

Shot blasting machines videos

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